~||His Marriage||~

I watch you, smiling in the face of your anxiety.

It must be love…

Bitter words exchanged in the midst of falling tears still cannot separate you.

I’m convinced that it’s love…

The more you try to deny your connection, the tighter the ring strangles your finger.

The truth still lingers –

You’re married to the darkness that consumes your sanity.


How long has it been? Probably far too long to count.

You’ve been together for a while no doubt.

Voices in corners that you obviously created because of your spouse, is the chorus that hums the nightmarish lullabies in your house.

The fiends on my shoulders said I was not to interfere

but I cannot deny that I care.

I tremble knowing you’re married to your pain and frustration…

Contract signed in haste, clearly lacking passion.



I will continue watching you smile in the face of your anxiety.

Mirror image of a Shakespearean love story.

The sadistic nature of your relationship drives me to believe that your

bourbon stained lips are a testimony to your non-existent sobriety.

Even I wouldn’t be able to remain faithful,

yet you make it look easy;

broken by your partner but you choose to stay married.

Josie Griffith
Written: Tues. 6th June, 2017


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