You crossed the line even though the line was right in front of you

Swore on the Bible yet you still can’t seem to tell the truth

Broke bread with people, people you should’ve stayed far away from

Went into the woods and instead of stones, you left behind a trail of crumbs

Was told to count your blessings but you overdose on narcotics in bed

Life’s been a struggle but your biggest struggle is all in your head…

You’ve been misled.

Now you’re staring at a bottle of Jack Daniel’s

This is the life of a distraught millennial

Fighting and losing mental battles

Working and twerking for dollar bills.


Your life’s a storybook story

Can’t even cook a pot of curry

Said you hated her, now you miss your mommy

Feeling more than just sorry.

You’re spiralling down.

Life is a joke so you must be the clown

Can’t help but to polish your signature frown

Answers to your questions are always wrong.

What’s going on?

Life’s leaving your body and you have no regrets

No one to care cause people always neglect

Adidas said do it so you got this one checked

Was meant to be better but you fell down the steps.

Josie Griffith
Written: Tues. 4th July, 2017


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