About TJE

Welcome to The Josi .E. ffect!

Here, we embrace ALL that creativity has to offer, no matter what shape or form that it presents itself in. At the moment, if you haven’t noticed, we are currently showcasing some of the literature pieces written by our Administrator, lover of all things strange, new, exciting and extraordinary, the wacky and the restless, adventure-crazed erratic creator, Ms. Josie Griffith.
Josie is 20 years old and has only recently renewed her interest in writing. For her, this blog is a great way to share her work, not to gain views or followers, but to share her thoughts through creative literary expression, with the world. Her way of thinking may seem different, crazy even, and you may even wonder what the heck a 20 year old is doing having these insane thoughts but guess what…I bet you have crazy thoughts too. We all have a loose screw knocking about the dirt roads of our brains. And she loves this, knowing that here, this blog, is a place where she can share the good, the bad and the in between with you.
Aside from all that, she is currently working on redesigning the blog to make it more appealing and user-friendly. In addition, she hopes that in the near future, she can use the blog as a platform to introduce new and upcoming creators/artists/public figures, etc. works as a means of helping them grow artistically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and socially.
If you are interested in having your work (preferably literature pieces) published to the blog, please head over to the ‘Contact’ page to send us an email expressing your interests.  You can also shoot us an email if you have any comments, questions or queries. We will respond as soon as is humanly possible.

To everyone who has taken the time to view our blog and the work we share here, on the behalf of TJ.E. family, we all say Thank You.

Passion is birthed, not manufactured.